An abandoned shopping cart email is a mainstay of e-commerce.

It is a follow-up email sent to someone who has added items to their cart and gotten through a portion of the checkout and then left the site without purchasing.

Abandoned cart emails work to remind customers of items they left in cart – enticing them to come back to purchase what they are already so close to buying.

All you have to do is just enable them once and you should begin to see your revenue tick up and the overall profitability and ROI of your advertising expenditure increase.

You can then reinvest this additional cash in other parts of your business.

Moreover, with PushFlew you get three pre-created abandoned cart emails. You can customize the content of these emails, the time period after which they should be sent to the users and also track the success of every email individually.

By default, we have a sequence of three emails where the first one is sent out after 30 minutes of abandonment, the second after 12 hours and the third one after 36 hours.

Once you have sent out a few emails, you can easily track the conversions for every individual who abandoned their cart on your site, along with their cart value, the date and time of abandonment and the user's email ID.


Marketing Alert!

If you're using abandoned cart emails and abandoned cart push notifications both, be sure to time them in a way that they do not collide and neither do they bug your user too much. Remember less is more.