Let's look at how we can use PushFlew with your website and build a user base and then create effective Campaigns to help keep your user base engaged with your most current offerings and news.


STEP 01: Register and install PushFlew

PushFlew is easy to register and install. It can be easily installed as a plugin for a number of popular platforms, with no programming skills needed at all, or it can be used as simple HTML code that can be used with any platform. 

Sign up for a fully functional free account and when the time comes to choose a package for you and your sites needs simply select the number of users you wish to target. It's as easy as that. 



STEP 02: Build a user list

Use PushFlews supporting tools to allow users to easily subscribe to your site through their web browser using push notifications or through Email subscription



STEP 03: Plan, Create and Manage your Campaigns

Once you have your users have subscribed to your site then need to plan your campaigns in accordance with your needs.

Don't take a blanket approach to your notifications but use Segmentation to deliver targeted notifications. Give great thought to how you wish to organize your segments and constantly refine your segments based on the success of your earlier campaigns or on data gathered through sales or other website traffic.

Ensure you use specific messaging to build up a more personalized relationship with your audience, this might be dependent on the region you are delivering to or perhaps on the type of message you are delivering, for example, you may want to push a simple update notification to keep your users informed or perhaps you have a current Sale in your store. In either case, the message you send will need to be clear and the message  

Deliver your notifications and Email at the right time by selecting the right dates and the time of day to deliver your messages. Use nominated segments to ensure that you deliver notifications at the right time in different time zones so that you get the most interactions.



Finally, ensure that you have a supporting email strategy that is used to help enforce your campaigns. 


STEP 04: Review your Campaigns effectiveness

Monitor the effectiveness of the campaign through its entire lifecycle with the PushFlew Reports and Analytics. Pay close attention to the number of clicks that your notification and emails received. This is the number of times users clicked on your notice. Examine why some were effective and others were not. Time of day and clear message content should be your first pints to check.



It's a good idea to export your lists and bring them into a spreadsheet to allow you to organize and examine your details further.


Remember to use what you have learned and apply it to your next campaign.