1. Create an account with a 14-day free trial by entering your details as requested.
  2. Email: Your email address. Example: andy@mycompany.com
  3. Password: Choose a secure password
  4. Company Name: Your company name
  5. Website: Your company’s website. Example www.mycompany.com
  6. Subdomain: We recommend that you use your company name here as this is where you notifications are pushed from.
    Example mycompany.pushflew.com
  7. Check the Terms and Privacy tick box.

  8. Press Submit
  9. You should now be redirected to your account's dashboard.
  10. The PushFlew Dashboard presents you with a unique code for your website that is placed into the sites HTML code to enable push notifications on your website. Alternatively, you can use one of our plugins.
  11. Press the Upgrade button at the top of the page if you wish to choose a subscription plan.

    For more detail on how to use PushFlew with your site please use the following: