Within the Campaign > Push Notification section, we control the push notification content that is delivered to your currently subscribed users. The notifications we design here will be displayed within the user's browsers notification window.

Login to your PushFlew Account and choose Campaign and then Push Notifications from the Dashboard

You will be presented with the Send Push Notifications tab. 

  1. In the Title field enter your notifications title -  maximum of 48 characters. 
  2. In the Message field enter the notifications message - maximum of 100 characters.
  3. in the Landing Page URL enter the address of the page you want your user to land on when the notification is clicked on.

    NOTE: Ensure you enter http:// or https:// within the URLs address. 

  4. If required, choose an alternative Image by pressing Select image to navigate to your desired image and upload it. Images should be 192 x192 pixels in a jpg or png format.
  5. Tick the Schedule at Time radio button to choose a date and time to send the notification. If the button is unchecked the notification will be sent straight away.

  6. By default, the notification will be sent To All Subscribers. Press the To Segment button to target specific subscribers which are grouped and defined within the Advanced Settings > Segmentation section. For example, A Technology group you have defined by the page they visit. 

  7. Press the Send Notification button.
  8. You will be present with the Confirmation Window showing examples of how the notification will be seen in Chrome and Firefox and the On Click URL that will be followed if the notification window is clicked on. If you are happy with the details, press the Send Notification button. Press the Edit button to return back to the details.

  9. Check on the Scheduled Notifications tab if you have scheduled a notification. 

    Current and past notifications can be viewed. Old notifications can be removed by pressing the Delete button