Within the Campaign > Email section, we can create Email content that is delivered to your currently subscribed users. The Emails we design here will be displayed within the user's browsers notification window.

Login to your PushFlew Account and choose Campaign and then Email from the Dashboard.

You will be presented with the Send Email tab.

  1. Type your Email Title into the Subject field. 
  2. Place your Email body into the Content field and use the rich text tools to format and control the look of your Emails. 
  3. Tick the Schedule at Time radio button to choose a date and time to send the Email. If the button is unchecked the Email will be sent straight away. 

  4. By default, the notification will be sent To All Subscribers. Press the To Segment button to target specific subscribers which are grouped and defined within the Advanced Settings > Segmentation section. For example, a region you have defined such as the USA.

  5. Press the Send Mail button.
  6. Click on the Scheduled Email tab to view Emails that you have scheduled for delivery.

  7. Click on the Show Details button to see your Email. Press the Delete button to remove an Email form delivery. 
  8. All Sent Email can be viewed in the Reports and Analytics section of your Dashboard under the Sent Emails tab.