This is where PushFlew fetches RSS data from URLs and converts it into Push NotificationsWhenever a new post is found, PushFlew schedules it as a Scheduled Notifications. You can check to see how the notification looks and if you wish to not send the particular notification, you can edit or delete it. Whenever we schedule new push notifications, you are notified by email.


  1. Login to your Push Flew Account select Advanced Settings 
  2. Select  RSS to Push

  3. In the RSS feed URL box type in a valid URL address ensuring you use http:// or https:// at the beginning of the address
  4. In the Description of push message box type the message you want to be displayed. Press the question mark [?] to see how the message will be displayed to users. Note that the title of the Notification is the first 48 characters of the incoming RSS feed.

  5. Number of times a subscriber will get push notifications in a day - the default value here is 2, change as needed for leave as default.
  6. Maximum number of push notifications sent at a time - the default value here is 2, change as needed for leave as default.
  7. Notification Expiry Time(in hours, maximum value can be 28 days i.e. 672 hours) - the default value here is 24, change as needed for leave as default.
  8. Press the Add button to preview and confirm the RSS to Push Notification.

  9. Use the Edit button to return back and edit the details of the notification or press Add to schedule it.
  10. Previous and current notifications as listed at the bottom of the page. If required, scroll across to delete notifications by simply pressing the Delete button under the Actions column.